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Reducing Home Invasion Risk


High-Quality Locks

-Use deadbolts on all exterior doors.
-Consider smart locks for added convenience and security.
-Reinforce door frames and hinges with security hardware.

Secure Windows

-Install window locks or security bars.
-Use shatter-resistant film or laminated glass.


-Install motion-sensor lights around the exterior.
-Ensure entrances are well-lit.

Surveillance Systems

-Use security cameras and prominently display signs indicating their presence.
-Consider a video doorbell.

Alarm Systems

-Install a monitored alarm system.
-Ensure sensors are placed on doors and windows.


-Keep bushes and trees trimmed to eliminate hiding spots.
-Use gravel or stones near windows to hear potential intruders.

Neighborhood Watch

-Join or start a neighborhood watch program.
-If possible, become active with the neighborhood watch.

Improving Home Security


Upgrade Locks

-Change locks after moving in or losing keys.
-Use high-security locks that are bump and pick resistant.

Upgrade Doors

-Install solid core or metal exterior doors.
-Use door jammers or security bars for added reinforcement.

Garage Security

-Secure garage doors with high-quality locks.
-Don’t leave garage door openers in cars parked outside.

Safe Installation

-Use a safe for valuables and important documents.
-Anchor the safe to the floor or wall.

After a Home Invasion


Contact Authorities

-Call the police immediately to report the invasion.
-Avoid touching anything to preserve evidence.

Change Your Locks

-Replace all locks, including windows and garage doors.
-Consider rekeying existing locks as a temporary measure.

Assess Security Gaps

-Conduct a thorough security review to identify how the intruder gained access.
-Implement additional security measures to prevent future incidents.

Document Losses

-Make a detailed list of stolen items for insurance claims.
-Provide police with a copy of the list.

Emotional Support

-Seek counseling if needed to deal with the emotional impact.
-Join support groups for victims of home invasions.

General Tips: 1. Always lock doors and windows when leaving the house. 2. Avoid announcing travel plans publicly. 3. Keep an inventory of valuable items with photos and serial numbers.

We are able to upgrade your home with “Smart Locks” and their associated software installations. We also help students, couples, families and landlords in all manner of residential lock and key emergencies. We solve problems with lost keys, deadlocks and smart locks and also provide adjustments, repairs and fresh installations.  We remove broken keys from doors. We repair door locks that have been damaged by force or regular wear.  We have a dedicated team of highly trained locksmiths. We have immense automotive knowledge and can help you by the roadside, 24hrs/7days a week.

Replacing Residential Locks

Does your key no longer turn? Does your lock not stay locked? Loose key hole? Sliding door hooks don’t meet? Lock stuck? Difficult to open or close our lock? Internal doors don’t open or close properly? Locks, keys, door handles and latches are complex mechanical devices that require periodic maintenance in order to function correctly. Do you know how many keys your locks around your house have? Have you just moved into a house or apartment? Have you lost your key? Has a flatmate just moved out? Were your keys stolen? If so perhaps it’s time to change your locks.

Home Security Upgrades

Typically people think to call the locksmith only when they have a lock related emergency. You should call us to help you improve your home security. We will help with preventative security threats to your home. While a locksmith is the one to call when you’ve lost your keys or need to change the locks to your home, you can also call them to replace your window locks, to reinforce the door, and to get a security system installed. This can be done by replacing all your locks with upgraded options. We can scan your entire house and point out all the weak points.

Key Broken Off in Lock

Both locks and keys can get rusty over time. If you use them daily, they will wear. Keys can get stuck because of rusty door locks. You can use electrical pliers because they have strong jaws that are small enough to apply the grip needed to pull the key out of the lock. A pair of tweezers may also work. When your key snapped into two, the other half is left inside the lock. There is nothing for you to clamp on to, so you cannot use the tools mentioned above. You can use a screwdriver and a steel wire to poke and remove the key. However, if you do not have these tools with you, phone us.

Digital, Electronic or Smart Locks

Digital and Smart locking systems offer advantages that the mechanical designs can’t. 1. Ability to change the code. Regularly changing access codes is a great way to increase your levels of security. 2. Track who opened the lock and when. Modern tech gives you the power to track entries into and leaving a building. 3. Get a warning if a door is not locked or when the door is securely locked. Depending on the circumstances, being able to remotely access whether your home is secure will give you peace of mind. 4. Remote monitoring. Modern digital options include camera systems that you can check from your phone. Contact Roadrunner Locksmith today to get some quotes on smart locks etc.


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