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Roadrunner Locksmith in Paarden Eiland is an ideal solution for any Subaru, no matter the year or model. Our locksmiths are highly proficient in dealing with Subaru-specific vehicle needs, equipped with the right tools and expertise to address any lock or key issues you may encounter. If you ever find yourself locked out of your Subaru or if you’ve lost your key, feel free to contact us at any hour, day or night, for immediate help.

Subaru Locksmith Services Offered by Roadrunner Locksmith

In Subaru’s world, Roadrunner’s locksmiths play a unique tune, offering a symphony of automotive locksmith services for ultimate peace of mind. Our maestros, equipped with the finest tools, swiftly compose solutions for lost Subaru keys, unlocking the melody of freedom for locked-out drivers, and skillfully extracting broken keys from locks.

Our team conducts diagnostic overtures and precise chip programming, like fine-tuning a grand piano, encompassing the art of reprogramming keys. In the realm of key-related operations, we’re virtuosos, crafting new keys, duplicating existing harmonies, and programming Subaru key fobs with rhythm and grace.

We adeptly handle the crescendos of Subaru ignition keys, offer serenades of repair for keyless systems, and unravel the complex chords of transponder keys. Our expertise dances through smart key services, soothing the discord of Subaru’s central locking system, and gracefully resolving boot and steering wheel lock dilemmas.

In the workshop, our hands are skilled at fixing door lock issues, each move a note in our symphony of security and service. Committed to delivering a concerto of reliable, comprehensive solutions, our focus resonates deeply with the specific needs of Subaru vehicle owners.

Subaru Problems & Issues: When to Call Us

Boot Lock Repair

At Roadrunner Locksmith, proficient in Subaru Outback vehicles, we address locked boot issues. Acknowledging the inconvenience of restricted access to a vehicle’s storage, particularly in urgent situations, our expert team responds promptly. With skill and amiability, we efficiently restore access to Subaru Outback boots, ensuring no damage to the vehicle.

In instances of jammed locks, misplaced keys, or faulty latches, our equipped team provides effective solutions. Our approach is precise, focused on restoring the Subaru Outback’s boot lock to optimal functionality. This commitment guarantees the vehicle’s full utility and the owner’s peace of mind, adhering to a standard of thorough, reliable service.

Door Lock Solutions

At Roadrunner Locksmith, we are experts in resolving door lock issues for Subaru WRX vehicles. Our team is well-equipped to tackle a wide range of challenges, from locks that are stuck to keys broken off in the lock mechanism. We utilize the latest tools and technology to effectively address these problems.

With a comprehensive understanding of Subaru WRX door lock systems, we are capable of performing repairs that enhance both the vehicle’s security and ease of access. Our commitment is to provide swift and thorough solutions, ensuring that the locking and unlocking of your Subaru WRX is seamless and trouble-free.

Ignition Problems

For Subaru Forester owners, Roadrunner Locksmith provides specialized solutions for ignition challenges. We understand that ignition malfunctions in your Subaru Forester are more than mere inconveniences; they’re critical issues that can impede startup and potentially leave you stranded. Our team, passionate about Subaru vehicles, brings deep locksmith expertise and extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing ignition-related problems. We adeptly handle everything from degraded ignition cylinders to intricate electrical anomalies within the ignition system, ensuring your Subaru Forester’s reliable performance. Trust our technical acumen to address and resolve any ignition issue with precision and efficiency.


Our 24 hour emergency number is 083 229 0331.

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